Revisional Foot Surgery: Expert Solutions for Unresolved Issues in Tulsa, OK

At our podiatry clinic in Tulsa, OK, we understand that not all foot surgeries yield the desired outcomes, and sometimes additional intervention is needed. If you’re facing persistent issues after a previous foot surgery, our experienced podiatrists specialize in revisional foot surgery to address and correct unresolved problems.

When is Revisional Foot Surgery Necessary?

Revisional foot surgery becomes necessary in cases where a previous foot surgery has not produced the expected results or complications have arisen. Common scenarios that may require revisional surgery include:

Persistent Pain: If you’re experiencing ongoing pain despite a previous surgical procedure, revisional surgery may be considered to identify and address any lingering issues.

Incomplete Correction: In some cases, the initial surgery may not have fully corrected the underlying problem. Revisional surgery aims to complete the correction and achieve the desired outcome.

Complications: Surgical complications such as infections, implant issues, or poor wound healing may necessitate revisional surgery to address and resolve these issues.

Changes in Condition: Over time, the foot’s condition may change, leading to the recurrence of symptoms. Revisional surgery can adapt to these changes and provide effective solutions.